Thursday, January 1, 2009

Accepted, Deferred, or Rejected by Early Action or Early Decision

Did you get accepted the school for which you applied early decision? Then congratulations! The culmination of your past four years of trials and tribulations has successfully placed you into your dream school. You did it! You now have permission to slack off (to a moderate extent) if you choose.

Accepted early action? Before accepting, weigh your options. See to where you are admitted in the spring, and compare financial aid packages, campuses, your prospective major, etc. Remember, the university you choose will be your home for the next four years and impact the rest of your life! Don't make a hasty decision.

Were you deferred? Being deferred means that you were not accepted early action or decision, but your application will be reconsidered and reevaluated with the rest of the regular decision applicants. You will be notified of your admittance with the regular applicant pool, usually in spring. Don't be discouraged! I applied early action to MIT and Wharton B-School at UPENN and was deferred from both. Needless to say, I was heartbroken, but remember that you stay alive for a second round. Here's what you can do:

=Send a personalized letter to the schools expressing your continued interest in admission. (You can find out who the head admissions officer is, and address the letter to him/her.)

=Call the school's admissions office and ask them how you can improve your chances at regular decision. Most schools will accept additional material on what you've done since your EA/ED application. For example, if you did volunteer work, won a tournament, or did anything significant since November, be sure to send it in the college pronto! Colleges want to see that you've kept diligent since applying.

=Ask your principal, guidance counselor, or a reputable member of society to write an additional letter of recommendation for you or call-in a recommendation. Make sure you call the college to see if they accept additional recommendations first - e.g. Columbia doesn't want any additional information when being considered for the Waitlist.

Were you rejected? Again, don't be discouraged. You are by no means a failure! Early admittance is especially tough. Keep your head up, and I'm sure you'll hear great news in the Spring.