Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Common App Guide - Standardized Tests

Once logged into the Common App website, head on over to the "Standardized Tests" section on the left hand toolbar.

This section is pretty self explanatory; simply self-report your scores.

Remember, you also need to send an official score report to all the schools to which you're applying. If you haven't already, sign up for a (free) account at Here you can also manage a list of colleges to which you'd like to apply and quickly view information, such as deadlines, and statistics. You can also register online for upcoming SAT dates and send your score reports to colleges for a fee (I think this is the only way you can send scores though. Collegeboard has a monopoly of sorts).

Please note: Different schools, or specific programs within a school, require a different amount of SAT II subject tests. You can find out via the school's website how many and which SAT II's you need to take. Make sure you take all the required SAT II subject tests!

Also, some colleges have different deadlines for sending the official score report for the SAT I test. For example, Lehigh University's deadline is January 15th, but The College of New Jersey's is February 15th. If you're not satisfied with your SAT I score, then you can prepare and take the December 6th or January 24th SAT, given you know you can do better. See a list of SAT dates here:

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  1. Hi Sohan,

    I'm an international student and if I take the SAT three times, will that be too much and affect my college admission?
    Also, will it compromise your score if you only take the best score of each section of each test and add them up to get your SAT score because it's not the score you have on a single test?