Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Post!

Hey, guys! My name is Sohan, and I will be your guide to success in high school and admission into college. The best advice I can give is from my own experiences - what I did right, what I did wrong, etc. I know exactly how you're feeling if you're a sophomore or junior looking to apply or build a resume, or if you're senior awaiting decisions, because I was in your shoes not too long ago. Right now I'm a freshman at Cornell University and am having a blast (despite the obscene workload).

I will give you the nitty gritty facts about college that others are too sensitive to discern. I'll tell you how college admissions really are - what admissions officers are really looking for. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Want to know the best SAT study techniques? Want to know what to write about for those pesky essays? Then, my friends, read on, and I will bestow you with the best advice I have - that of experience.

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