Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Q & A - Choosing Colleges to Apply To

Can the colleges you apply to see which other colleges you are also applying to or is that confidential? I know there is some rivalry among the IV leagues and some of them express that "level of interest" is one of their criteria. Can applying to rival schools cause conflicts? Is it better to apply to all the schools you are considering to increase chances of admission or to pick only top choices in order to show that you are serious and committed to those institutions?


My answer:
This is a great question. I'm not certain whether or not colleges can see where else you're applying, and I'm sure that they probably do have methods to tell, but this should not in any way deter you from applying to schools. You should apply to every college you want, even if you don't think you will accept them or they will admit you. You want to have a good breadth of schools when choosing who you will accept. Applying to rival schools will not cause conflicts, and only applying to your top schools will in fact be detrimental in the long run.

When Ivy Leagues say they want you to express a "level of interest," they want you to visit their school, have a clear definition in your mind of what you like about it, and be able to articulate your interest. Almost every school has that essay "what do you like about our school." This is the best way to express your level of interest, not by omitting other colleges.

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