Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scholarships Equal Free Money

It's everyone's dream to make money by doing as little work as possible. In the real world there is no feasible (legal) manner in which to accomplish this. Applying to scholarships, however, is pretty darn close.

I can't promise that you'll be able to pay for a full years' tuition by filling out a few forms. I can say, though, that you have a legitimate chance at earning enough for books, the meal plan, or housing. Any amount of money you win from scholarships is obviously better than none.

So while you undergo the college admissions process, I advise that you concurrently apply to scholarships. You may think that it's an extra burden, but there's a lot of common work between the two. And think about it: if you win one scholarship of $500 by working 3 hours on its application, you've made a sizable amount of money per hour. In short, there is no reason to not apply to scholarships. The potential payoff is boundless, and they're not really that much extra effort. Check out the next blog to find out which ones you should apply to and tips on how to win.

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